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Utility Model

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Step number Step corresponding information
step 1

Prepare a utility model specification which includes:

- a written description (to allow others to see how it works)

- drawings (in any case)

- claims (precise legal statements in the form of single sentences to define the technical features)

- an abstract (a summary that includes the important technical aspects)

NOTICE: Applicants not having their domicile or seat in the Republic of Poland must appoint a local patent agent.

Here's a link to the list of utility model representatives:  

step 2

You fill in and file the form "Request for grant of an utility model" with us, together with three identical copies of your utility model specification.

You can also file your application by means of fax, but in this case you have to provide us, within 30 days from the filing date, with original copy of the application.

Together with filing the request form you must pay an appropriate application fee.

or using the software epoline® Online Filing (eOLF)

step 3

We respond by issuing a filing receipt which includes an application number and date of filing.

step 4

First phase of the examination:

- formal examination,

- search report,

The Patent Office shall draw up a search report containing the citations of the documents which may be taken into consideration in evaluating the utility model claimed in the application and sent to the applicant.

- publication of the application.

We publish your utility model application in the the PPO's first-level Official Gazette  (Biuletyn Urzedu Patentowego) shortly after 18 months from your filing date (or priority date), as long as you have not withdrew the application. The applicant may, however, within a period of 12 months from the date of priority, request publication at an earlier date (in this case an additional fee must be paid).

Register Plus is an online publication, where you may find information about application (description, claims, drawings, abstract, search report and bibliographic data) -

step 5

Second phase of the examination:

-substantive examination (we examine novelty of your utility model)

When we examine your application, we let you know what, if anything, needs to be amended or completed and the period of time for you to respond.

If your application meets all the requirements of the Polish Industrial Property Law PIPL; (here is the link to PIPL:,13,1315,1b,index,pl,text/podstawowe-obowiazujace-akty-prawne/Lead03,50,262,1b,index,pl,text/

, we will grant a right of protection and send you a certificate of protection. Also we will publish information on your protected utility model in PPO's second-level Official Gazette (Wiadomosci Urzedu Patentowego) (issued monthly).

Utility model protection has a term of 10 years beginning on date of filing.

NOTICE: A right of protection for utility model is granted subject to payment of a fee for the first protection period. Failure to pay the fee within the prescribed time limit results in declaring by the Patent Office that the decision on the granting of protection for your utility model has lapsed.

Full texts of protected Polish utility models' specifications are available in PDF format on the Publication Server -