Innovaccess - Intellectual Property Portal


Our aim is to enhance Intellectual Property (IP) support services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to turn their Intellectual capital into commercial values and competitiveness.


VIP4SME Intellectual Property support services - information video


The project brings valuable practical outputs for enhancing companies´ expertise in intellectual property:

- The IP ToolBox as a set of various practical tools brings solutions for better management and exploitation of innovative capital.

- Consultancy services dedicated to IP awareness building, to corporation IP legal and management strategy support, to IP valuation.

- By the practical implementation of high value trainings and consulting services companies gain unique skills and abilities in IP practice.

- The dissemination of information on the business use of intellectual assets, national and local events addressed to firms, specific publications help companies to learn more on intellectual property.

Training contents, tools and IP support services specifically designed and corresponding to identified needs of SMEs will be adapted or newly created.

Through an implementation plan, defining quantitative objectives for VIP4SME partners and other countries, it will be ensured that at least 3,500 SMEs will be reached by high value IP support activities - IP trainings and consulting services - what will contribute to enhance the IPR protection in the European business sector.