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Registered Design

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Step number Step corresponding information
step 1

 Prepare your design application which includes:

- a detailed description of your design,

- illustrations which should present a series of views of the product which design is applied to.

NOTICE: Applicants not having their domicile or seat in the Republic of Poland must appoint a local patent agent.

Here's a link to the list of patent representatives:  

step 2

You prepare and file an application form "Application to register a design" with us, together with three identical copies of your industrial designs illustrations and description.

You can also file your application by means of fax, but in this case you have to provide us, within 30 days from filing date, with original copy of the application.

Together with filing the request form you must pay an appropriate application fee.

step 3

We respond by issuing a filing receipt which includes an application number and date of filing.

step 4

We will examine your application within three to four months of receipt, to see if it meets the formal requirements, and also on the substantive grounds for refusal of registration.

Although we do not do automatically search every application to determine if it is new or has individual character, we will object to registration if we have reasonable grounds to believe that the design is not new or that it lacks individual character compared to previous designs.

step 5

If your application meets all the requirements of the Polish Industrial Property Law (PIPL; here is the link to PIPL:,13,1315,1b,index,pl,text/podstawowe-obowiazujace-akty-prawne/Lead03,50,262,1b,index,pl,text/, we will grant a right in registration for your industrial design and send you a registered design certificate. Also we will publish information on your registered design in PPO's second-level Official Gazette (Wiadomosci Urzedu Patentowego) (issued monthly).

Industrial design protection shall have a term up to 25 years beginning on the date of filing.

NOTICE: An industrial design shall be registered subject to payment of a fee for the first protection period (5 years). Failure to pay the fee within the prescribed time limit shall result in declaring by the Patent Office that the decision on the grant of the right of protection has lapsed.

step 6

We normally register applications within three to four months. At this stage you must pay the fee for first 5 -year period of protection and the publication fee.  If you fail to pay the fee we will not send you a registered design certificate.