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Last updated on 04 February 2013
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step 1

A Dutch patent application includes: a patent application form and a patent specification consisting of a title, a description of the invention (mandatory), claims (mandatory), drawings (optionally) and an abstract. For more information phone +31 88 602 6000 or send an e-mail to  

step 2 You may file your application yourself or authorise a professional representative. Filing can be done in person, by fax, online or by post. Dutch is the official filing language. Since June 5th 2008 the description and abstract may be filed in English. The claims however must be always in Dutch (mandatory).
step 3

Within thirteen months following your patent application you must request a novelty search. This search can be conducted by the Netherlands Patent Office or by the EPO in Rijswijk.

step 4

You will receive an application number and after at least 18 months from the filing date or from the priority date if a priority right was invoked, a Dutch patent will be granted. Although the requirements novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability apply, the patent applications are not examined.
Examination takes place in court when a conflict arises.

step 5

From the fourth year onwards you must pay fees to maintain the patent.