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Following the initiative of the European Commission the European Network of National Intellectual Property (IP) Offices currently brings together IP offices from 30 European countries. The network particularly aims to streamline IP services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are provided by the individual national offices to offer an improved IP service portfolio for SMEs in Europe. Making them recognize the importance of IP and enabling them to manage and safeguard their intellectual assets is key to ensuring innovation and competitiveness in Europe.

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Why is Intellectual Property relevant to you? How can you protect your creation? How much do Intellectual Property Rights cost?
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Set of 4 e-learning modules in Spanish on patents database searching

4 e-Learning modules about patent search in databases (Esp@cenet and INVENES): 3 modules on Esp@cenet, 1 module on INVENES (free Spanish patents database)

Everyone Owns IP - What do you own?

Training material based on real situations, companies might encounter by illustrating different scenarios on how to use the system of intellectual property in order to safeguard intangible assets as w...

Intellectual Assets Questionnaire

A self-evaluation questionnaire to identify and measure Intellectual Assets of a company. It can be used directly by SMEs, but will have most benefit to a business where it is reviewed with a speciali...

IP Marketplace

Web based platform where sellers and buyers of IPR meet, in order to enhance the business potential of IPR and to facilitate IP commercialization by selling or licensing. IP Marketplace covers patents...

IP Panorama

Website providing access to 13 e-learning modules presented as videos and focusing on different subjects: Importance of IP for SMEs - Trademarks and Industrial Designs - Invention and Patent - Trade S...

IPR sectoral guides

4 guides giving information about IPR and counterfeiting specifically for the sectors of textiles & clothing, footwear, leather and furniture. The information may also be interesting for any other tec...

Technological Watch Bulletins

Quarterly, free bulletins containing information relating to the most relevant patents published in specific technological sectors.

InnovAccess Cost Tool

The Cost tool allows users to evaluate the different costs related to the acquisition and maintenance of IP rights in European countries.

How to protect your creation?

This interactive guide will enable users to find relevant information on the IPR system related to her/his innovative ideas or products. The online tool will automatically guide the user to relevant i...

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newsNews & events

Patent Information Conference 2014 (2014-11-04)

Host: European Patent Office in co-operation with the Polish Patent Office"Patent information is a top priority for the EPO"EPO President, BenoƮt Battistelli, at the Patent Information Conference on 24 October 2013. Save the date! The EPO Patent Information Conference 2014 will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 4 to 6 November 2014. It will be th...

10/30/2014: Milan, meeting debate on "aspects of topical à on à Industrial Property" (2014-10-20) UIBM Italy

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 will be held in Milan the annual ordinary general meeting LES Italy on the sidelines of which there will be the traditional meeting-debate on "topical Issues of Industrial Property". To learn more:

Faculty of pharmacy of the University of Lisbon conducts course on Microglia-7 and 8 November (2014-10-20) INPI Portugal

The Faculty of pharmacy of the University of Lisbon will perform in the coming days 7 and 8 November a course on Microglia with the designation Profiling alterations in microglia dynamic properties by neuroinflammation. To access the course program and more information, please follow the following links: Program | More information | Registration form

Tunisia joins TMView (2014-10-20) OEPM Spain

The Institute for standardization and Industrial property (INNORPI) marks are available in the search tool TMView, October 20, 2014. ...

Study day in practice cooperation and intellectual property (2014-10-20) RVO Netherlands

Would you like to know more how you can in practice deal with intellectual property in collaboration? Then come to an exciting seminar on the TU Delft on 6 november.When multiple parties agree to work together, it is also desirable to agree something about intellectual property. The desired situation deviates in practice ever off of an imagined sit...

IOP Photonic Devices Photonics-latest developments at symposium (2014-10-20) RVO Netherlands

Are you involved and/or interested in Photonics from your scientific or business background? Come to the annual Photonics-projectendag in Amsterdam.The Ministry of Economic Affairs wants long-term strategic R & D collaboration between companies and public-funded knowledge institutes in key areas so that technological innovation accelerates. Thi...

RENEXPO BiH-fair for sustainable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014-10-20) RVO Netherlands

Are you active in the field of sustainable energy and energy efficiency? The RENEXPO BiH-fair offers opportunities for cooperation and investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Dutch companies earn their money to a large extent across the border. The national Government, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is therefore active in the interests of...

News story: Intellectual property professional advice (2014-10-20) IPO United Kingdom

Advice on where to find professional help for your intellectual property needs.

New website - your opinion counts (2014-10-17) IPI Switzerland

The Institute of intellectual property plans, the Web site at and

TenneT ready for development electricity grid views (2014-10-17) RVO Netherlands

Thumbnail: TenneT has with Offshore Netherlands a new Department created especially for the development of a just views.

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