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Patent in France

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Step number Step corresponding information
step 1

Prepare a patent specification which includes :

- a written description (to allow others to see how it works),

- drawings (to illustrate your invention),
- Claims (precise legal statements in the form of single sentences to define the technical features),
- an abstract (a summary that includes the important technical aspects).

step 2

You fill in and file the form N° 11354*06 "Requête en délivrance de brevet" (Request for grant of a patent) together with a copy of your patent specification. You have différent possibilities to deliver your form : post it to our office, or deliver it in one of the different INPI offices in France, or in a graft court or in a prefecture. You also have the possibility to fax it, but you will have to regularize your situation by one of the previous ways within 2 days.

step 3

We respond by issuing a filing receipt which includes an application number and the date of the application, if your patent specification contains what is needed.

step 4

Before INPI exams your request, national defense can put at the secrecy your invention, if it has a strategic dimension. It is quite a rare case, and often the divulging authorization is quickly delivered. 

step 5

There is an administrative and technical preliminary examination, to make sure that your application meets certain formal requirements. If information are not satisfactory we will write to you asking for the missing information. 

step 6

When everything is in order, we transfer your application to the European Patent Office, which will provide you a search report within 6-10 months.

The preliminary search report provides the list of the patents and all other documents published constituting "the state of the art" to the date of your deposit. You will be able to present observations on the quoted documents and if necessary, to amend your claims within the limit of initial description. 

If your application is for a Utility Certificate, you do not need to ask for this search. The novelty of your invention will not be evaluated.

step 7

In the three months which follow the publication of the preliminary search report, any person will be able to present observations on the possibility of patenting your invention ; they will be communicated to you and you will be able to answer it.

The INPI will then draw up a final report, which will be joined to the granted patent. 

step 8

Whatever the state of the file and the advance of the procedure of research, the patent application is published in the "Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle" (BOPI), 18 months after the date of application, accompanied by the preliminary research report if it is available.