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Importance of Intellectual Property in Business

Importance of Intellectual Property in your Business

From research and business creation to fight for defending intellectual property rights: IP should be present all the way long.

Business creation

Creating a new business is a process which starts with an idea and involved many stages before launching a new product or process on the market. Intellectual Property relates to all entrepreneurs during all this process (design phase, creation of the business, development). For example, the company operates brands for its products and services, which can include trade names, technical innovations, logos and domain names for example. All those creations or inventions can be protected thanks to Intellectual Property (see section "What is IP").

Whatever the product your company will make or the service it will provide, it is likely that the company will use and create a large amount of Intellectual Property regularly. Essentially, you should always consider the necessary measures to protect, manage, enhance and enforce it in order to obtain the best business results.